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 Founded in 2000, TNX is a telecommunications management system and consulting company, with international presence. The company currently operates in São Paulo, Bogota, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires, from where services are offered to all Latin America and Spain through its Delivery Center. The company has 100 employees and has provided services in over 15 countries with a trajectory backed up by outstanding results.

TNX’s primary objective is to provide customers with world class solutions to optimize the planning, acquiring, operation, management and control of their telecommunications needs, thus assuring a high level of efficiency in the IT area to support the strategic objectives of the company. 


 Founded in 2006, SCOPIX is the market leader in intelligent video analytics for retailers, CPG companies and manufactures.  Our Real.Suite ™ family of cloud based solutions collects data and returns timely, actionable information via a web based portal to store personnel, regional managers and corporate executives to help them maximize the customer experience throughout the entire store.  SCOPIX solutions are proven to enhance retail  business operations, drive sales and maximize profits. The company currently has operations in Chile and in the United States. More information, visit the website: www.scopixsolutions.com


Born in 2003 as an academic entrepeneurship, SIRVE is a technology development company that provides comprehensive engineering and seismic protection solutions in the fields of: buildings, hospitals, mining and energy facilities, industrial structures, infrastructure and life lines. Since 1996, our engineers have developed innovative seismic protection solutions aimed to transfer the most advanced knowledge in the industry, contributing to the solution of structural engineering problems in the most creative ways, to improve the performance of structures. More information visit our website: www.sirve.cl



Atakama Labs (Acquired by DENA in Oct-2011)
With the headquarters in Santiago, Chile, Atakama Labs is a developer, publisher and operator of social games, focused on meaningful games. We are making games that will make the world a better place, while entertaining and surprising our players. Our games tend to be free to play so that everyone can enjoy them. We develop primarily in Chile and publish our products across the globe, both directly and together with partners, depending on the platform and territory. More information, visit our website in www.atakamalabs.com